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website translation services from latin-american spanish translators In today’s world growing your business and communicating warrant a strong presence in the internet. Basically, the internet is a spring board to offer your company’s services, marketing products and more importantly, expanding your markets at a regional or global level.  At TranSlate Translations, we promote your participation in this opportunity by helping you reach global audiences in their own languages through our website translation services.

Internet facts:

  • Internet usage worldwide grew at more than 1,480% since 1995 (Netcraft)
  • Nearly 1.5 billion people are now online and many are contributing to the multilingual content available on the Internet.
  • By 2012 there will be more than 1.9 billion internet users (
  • More than 69% of the information that moves across the Internet comes from users surfing the web in languages other than English (
  • Less than 15% of company’s websites offer more than one language, while a majority of online businesses only use English as their language of choice.

Website translation is essential

More than 69% of the information that moves across the Internet comes from users surfing the web in languages other than English. These internet users conduct almost 50% of the online business transactions in their language.

The reason is simple; currently the Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and French language users have grown in some cases, up to 2064% since the year 2000.

If your website is only in one language, you are missing out on this growth.


Communicating in your customer’s language

The internet is full of expert advice and all experts agree that web users are 4 to 6 times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in their native language. In addition, they have observed that they will spend 2 to 3 times more exploring a website page written in their own language.

The websites need to work from a business perspective to be sustainable. Our website translation service and website localization takes into account all these aspects in order to produce a localized website that is not only accurate in its content but that also reads naturally in the target language.

A good translation of web pages should always appear as it was originally written in the target language and that is precisely our goal. No matter how much money, time and effort you invest into creating and marketing your website, your website’s international customers need to understand your message, your products and the services you company offers.

Customers will spend twice longer on a web page and be 4 to 6 times more likely to interact or purchase website presented in their native language.

TranSlate Translations helps strengthen your Internet presence by translating your entire website. We can translate from any type of web file keeping all codes intact.


Language links on your website

Many systems of templates, addons, widgets and plugins that website administrators use to save time in design, link their home pages only to the home page of the desired language, taking the user to restart navigation and lose concentration or interest in your website.

In most of the formats of web pages, we make sure that each page in English, corresponding to their equivalent page in Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese and so on, to keep pace with user navigation habits and to keep the visitor within the same subject.

When using website design templates, there are other aspects to consider. For example, translating from English into other European languages ​​can significantly increase the number of words (up to 16% increase from English to Spanish). This can be a problem on its formatting if your company has a template system. Therefore, we work with you to ensure that the translation of your website covers all possible aspects to be considered in regards to its design, appeal, its user friendliness and practicality, ultimately ensuring your translated website delivery is on time and within budget.


Web page localization is extremely important

Adapt your website to the target language and culture to sell your product or impart your company’s information in a manner that conforms to the environment of the target audience, translating concepts and not just words. Our website localization service takes into account all these aspects to produce a localized website is not only accurate in content but that will also read naturally in the target language, reflecting the visitor’s culture.


SEO Services – Search Engine Optimization

TranSlate seeks to bring your website and therefore your message to consumers around the world in the most cost effective and efficient manner. To connect your website with international end users, the best tools are the Internet search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Ask and others. For that, you should consider a strategy that goes beyond the mere design of web pages to allow the reader to find you own language.

It is of no use having the best web pages in the world if nobody can find them!

It is essential for any website to develop a comprehensive campaign of optimization of meta tags, codes and structure approaches, including its integration with social networking in the user’s language.

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