Technical Translation Services

When translating technical documents it’s essential that all the terminology is translated correctly and it could be absolutely necessary that the translators working on your document have proven expertise in your field since a slight misinterpretation in an installation manual, for example, could mean that all wires were connected incorrectly, a result that could cause serious injury or even worst.

Technical Traslation of Technical DocumentsWhile our English and Spanish translation quality has remained unsurpassed, TranSlate is growing at a constant pace to become much more than a translation agency. We are a consolidated localization service that handles every aspect of foreign language content delivery to all Latin American audiences, with experienced project management and enterprise-wide integration of leading software tools. From brochures to interactive video presentations, from web sites to custom online multilingual content management interfaces, our Technical Translation Services delivers streamlined solutions, cost efficiency and the highest level of quality in the industry.

Technical Spanish Translation is performed by engineers and technicians from around the United States and Latin America, with expertise in your field and translating in their mother tongue.

Please take a moment to review our Translation services and learn how we can bring simplicity, efficiency, and cost savings to all your translation projects, from the simplest translation to the a complex multilingual information flow.


Technical Translation Business

Technical translation is one of our core businesses and therefore represents the majority of our workload. TranSlate Translations’ team of experienced native technical translators will translate and revise the technical documentation provided using the standards, quality standards and rigor that is needed to translate these texts.

As we stated before, technical translation is unforgiving of any error and the exact terminology is absolutely necessary. The translated information should arrive to its audience with maximum precision in the target language.

For this purpose TranSlate technical translators use last generation technology in the form of tools like computer resources, translation memories, terminology databases and reliable sources of technical documentation.


High quality technical translations

Our methodology is organized according to numerous quality controls allow us to guarantee the customer a high quality technical translation. Translations Translate develops terminology databases and translation memories and glossaries of reference for each project in order to maintain consistency in terminology and structure of our translations.

Our quality controls include a thorough review carried out by a second native translator or an expert in the field. In addition, our project managers are responsible for custom tracking of the translation project, ensuring delivery to agreed deadlines, and the use of reference terminology.


Sources of technical terminology

Our  translation memories possess technical terminology with medical, legal, financial and engineering backgrounds and the result of our affiliate partner groups of translators throughout the world, where thousands of members provide definitions on the translation of specific technical terms. At the same time, we have an electronic library with over 320 English-Spanish technical dictionaries covering many areas.


Glossaries and Translation Memory

There can be significant differences in English terminology between seemingly similar fields and that is even more acute when performing an Spanish translation on a technical subject, where different countries that speak the same language may use the same technical term for an entirely different purpose. To ensure that the correct language is used we will work with you to agree translated glossaries of terms specific to your company or industry. We’ll also make use of translation memory to ensure that paragraphs and sections of text which are repeated throughout your documents are re-used by our translators. Translation memory helps to create consistency by increasing the quality and decreasing the turnaround of your translations. It also helps with your cost as previously translated text is charged at a reduced rate.

Here are some examples of the types of technical documents we translate:
  • User Manuals
  • Technical Training Manuals
  • Technical Specifications
  • Technical Reports
  • Scientific Reports
  • Scientific Publications
  • Technical Safety Sheets
  • Patents
  • Manuals
  • Electronics Guides

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