Quality Legal Translation Services


spanish legal translationLegal translation is the translation of documents related to the field of law by professional translators specializing in legal translation. Since law is a culture-dependent subject field, legal translation is quite a complex task. When translating a legal document, any mistranslation of a passage in a contract, or in a judicial deposition for example, could lead to lawsuits, loss of money or worst.

That is why TranSlate Translations specializes in providing accurate legal translations using only professionals with extensive legal background as well as legal translators and proofreaders with professional qualifications in legal translations and related fields. In the scope of legal translation, precision and attention to detail are the norm. Therefore, our group has certified translators and lawyers registered with the Bar Association in their respective countries.

In every case, your legal translations will be entrusted to professionals and legal advisors with an extensive experience in your field, ensuring a perfect dominion of the terminology used.


Contract Translation and Consulting

The translation of contracts involves not only the reproduction of the source text to the target language, paragraph by paragraph, but the correct communication of details and particulars between the parties of an agreement. Any slight change could change the connotation of a contract and have wide implications.

More so than in any other type of translation, reflecting the established clear way of communicating legally and the appropriate use the correct legal expressions, are the only correct way to translate contracts.

In both Spanish and English, there are different culture-dependent linguistic formulas used to stipulate repetitive terms within a contract.

The delicate nature of the legal texts implies that we consult the client if any doubt arise about the intent or meaning of certain paragraph, abbreviations or acronyms used in the original document. This also means that all translations are checked twice, both by our translator, project manager and legal advisor, before a draft is submitted to you. At the same time, our group at TranSlate Translations counts with attorneys enrolled in the Bar Associations of their respective countries.