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transcription services with translation into languagesThe most integral transcription service in Latin-America comes from our TranSlate Group of linguists and transcribers. Is a one-stop solution for companies requiring all kinds of transcription services. Our dedicated and experienced team handles your audio transcription or video transcription with the utmost professional care, in a one-to-one basis with you. Our primary goal is to provide a personalized professional transcription service to you at reasonable rates.

Any transcription company would boast they are the best, most of them provide great transcription services. We are proud to have a niche to offer our clients: when it comes to materials transcribed in Spanish, our Latin American transcribers will provide uncompromising quality, with rates within your budget, highly accurate transcripts and timely & convenient delivery. All transcripts submitted by our skilled and experienced transcriptionists are re-verified, proofread and reviewed to ensure accuracy.


Audio transcription and video transcription services

A transcription services basically involves converting, thus transcribing, an audio file to a text. Virtually any recording can be transcribed. In some special cases, we must also transcribe the audio or video background noise.

Transcriptions are used in a variety of manners, from providing written records of an interview, a conference or a private business meeting, to transcribe a film in order to provide subtitles in different languages. The transcription requests in most demanded by our clients at Translate Translations are to transcribe lectures, speeches, television or radio programs, interviews, workshops, business contractual meetings, group sessions, telephone conversations and dictations.

Some of the transcription assignments are performed for the production of video programs subtitles on a multilingual basis. Others, to offer the audio or video file in the native language of the intended audience or to leave a textual precedent that can be distributed in printed form.

Common applications of our transcription service include:

We help your organization in all aspects of business transcription. We transcribe business or human resources interviews and offer transcribed conference calls. Business transcription requests are endless, covering from a transcribe dictation service, professional training transcription to focus group transcription services.
We cover all aspects of audio or video transcription services.
We take all formats of Academic transcription services, covering symposiums, classes, dissertations and presentations, either in Text-to-text transcription, digital transcription or audio transcription services.
These are special transcription services for professionals. Covering from Medical Transcription to Legal Transcription, including services from certified, public or registered legal transcribers. We also offer Investigative and Insurance transcription and even a Sermon transcription service is also available.

Translated Transcripts

All transcripts can be used as a basic text document for translation into other languages. In this case, TranSlate Translations operates with a two-step method, first we make ​​the transcript of the text, audio or video file and then the transcribed material is translated into the desired language. Each of these steps is performed by a team of transcriptionists and one of translators respectively, ensuring a double opportunity to review and supervise the quality of the final transcript.

When it comes to Spanish transcription services, we are very proud to have teams of native born Latin American transcriptionists and translators, professional linguists writing in their natal language.

Our transcription translation services include Spanish, English, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese, Italian, German and French


Standard formats for transcription services

In Translate, we receive the original material to be transcribed in various ways and technologies from digital memories to CD, DVD, MD, cassettes, videotapes, digital video, MP3, MP4, audio tapes, digital audio, Media Audio, WAV, WMA, MPEG, MOV, AVI, WMV, ASF, H.263, H.264, OGM, VCD, XviD, WMA Lossless, Flash Video, RealVideo, RealMedia and Windows Media Video, among others.

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