A translation error can be deadly (literally)

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Un error de traducción que puede ser mortal (literalmente)


Sometime ago, I’ve received an invitation to participate in a discussion in one of the Linkedin groups we belong to.  Members of Portada, a source on Marketing and Media to Hispanics were having quite an interesting exchange on a machine translation gone very wrong.

A pharmaceutical lab had placed a bilingual label ...

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Website Translation

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Website translation services
Your Website may be a very important source of revenue for you or your company. As the global economy is changing with the unchallenged growth of the internet and ecommerce, your web pages may be your most valuable marketing tool. Here is where TranSlate Translations fits in to help you, because in ...

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Translating English to Spanish

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Translation is the art of expressing in the target language the meaning of a text in the source language. Simple though this may seem, there is a lot involved in this process. It is not just a matter of literally writing in another language what the source text says.

There is a lot more than just words behind a translation

Whenever a translator undertakes a job, he has to ...

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