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Localization and translation services of websites and textsWebsite Localization is perhaps the most important step in your efforts to present your company site and its products to an international target market.  Our specialists have been very successful in translating and localizing websites for the last decade. We can separate the language from the cod, allowing language and technical experts each to work in their own fields and then fuse them together seamlessly and efficiently on your website.


A localized site is essential

The significance of the following facts will help to portrait the importance of a sound strategy when localizing your business website.

Internet facts:

  • Internet usage worldwide grew at more than 1,480% since 1995 (Netcraft)
  • More than 69% of the information that moves across the Internet comes from users surfing the web in languages other than English (
  • Less than 15% of business websites offer more than one language, while a majority of online businesses only use English as their language of choice.
  • Over 50% of search queries on Google are made in languages ​​other than English (in the year 2002, the volume of visits was less than 30%). (Google, the Google Zeitgeist, June 2009)
  • Customers will spend twice longer on a web page and be 4 to 6 times more likely to interact or purchase website presented in their native language.
If your business does not transit in the vast internet highway, your competition certainly will

Website translation is a direct way to benefit from your internet business.

A website will be the best tool for your company to take advantage of globalization by offering your services and products in international markets. Internet marketing in foreign languages is currently the big trend online.

Currently, it is easier to reach top search engine ranking in languages other than English, because there is significantly less content online in foreign languages, therefore there is less competition.

This will translate into a higher return on investment for foreign language internet marketing than for its equivalent in English. You can rank higher faster by translating your content into different languages.

Our website localizing services takes into account all these aspects to produce localized web pages that are accurate not only in their content, but that they also read naturally in the target language.

A good website should always appear as a text originally written in the target language. That is extremely important in many languages such Spanish, where the application of many words vary from country to country. The expression that may be correct in one Spanish speaking country, could sound funny, unclear or even offensive in another.

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