Professional Interpreting


For over 26 years, we have assisted many companies and individuals with their international business transactions through our interpreting services, providing professional interpreters with vast experience, who are specialists in a wide range of areas: technical, legal, business, IT and tourism.

Business Interpretation

For any business visit between international entities, communication is extremely important since the future of your company might depend on the success of this encounter. Working with experienced professional interpreters, trained to ensure a correct and fluent communication between partners is essential. We have extensive experience and a track record of business performance through the quality of our interpretation.

Some of our usual interpreting services requests include:
  • Interpreting for technical training sessions or instructional classes.
  • Consecutive interpreting for commercial or executive presentations of services and products.
  • Liaison interpreting in contract development meetings.
  • Interpretation in the international tours of commercial plants and factories.
  • Consecutive interpreting in video interviews.

What you need to know about us

Our interpreters are professional linguists that master two or more foreign languages with experience and confidence in the performance of their duties.

Our team consists of

  • Consecutive interpreters that are able to note the content of a speech or lecture and then present it to the audience in another language fluently
  • Experienced business interpreters, suitable to assist in you with your foreign company visit or executive and contractual meetings
  • Companion interpreters that travel with you or your working group to visit businesses abroad

Each project is treated individually:

Making a full consultation prior to the event, will ensure we can offer a language service tailored to the needs of your business. The Translate Translation department can handle the translation of the documentation prior to your conference or meeting.

Interpreters will perform a comprehensive research of the terminology used in your subject area prior to the event to ensure a thorough knowledge of the subject matter

There will be a flexible language expert with you for as long as you need us (*)

(*) = Minimal-time rate apply


What we need to know about your event

Contact Us with a few details about your event for a free prompt estimate with no obligation.

Besides from the obvious information such as working languages, the venue, date and time of the event that needs our Interpretation Services, it always helps us to have the maximum information possible. This will ensure that our interpreters are well prepared to deal with any issues that may arise during the interpretation and may become familiar with the specific terminology of your subject matter. All interpreters are bound to our Confidentiality Agreement. Please note that some of our interpreters are hired out months in advance. The best policy is always to plan ahead and anticipate.

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