Professional Interpretation

In TranSlate Translations, we offer highly qualified professional interpreters, trained at top interpretation schools in the US, Latin America and Europe, with numerous years of experience. As member members of our interpretation services, our linguists are bound by a strict ethical code and uphold the highest professional standards of intellectual rigor and confidentiality.

We have specialists in a wide range of areas such as technical, legal, business, IT and tourism, that offer our  language interpretation services at technical training meetings, to the consecutive of video-recorded interviews and  liaison interpretation of business meetings and industrial tour visits.

Our interpreters have been specially trained by top schools around the world in the following modes of interpretation services:

Consecutive Interpretation Mode

In the Consecutive interpretation services, the interpreter offers a translation of the speech presented by the speaker once he or she pauses. This type of interpretation is often used in business meetings, because it allows the action to be realized in confined spaces and there are no additional audio equipment costs. It is suitable for press conferences, trade presentations of products or services, training courses, seminars, and shows. It is especially used for short meetings with a smaller number of participants where the interpreter relays the speaker’s message.

Liason Interpretation Mode

Liason interpretation is suitable for business meetings, contractual meetings, factory inspections and tours, executive presentations, etc. In this case the interpreter is an intermediary between people speaking different languages ​​and plays a central and very important part because the interpreter is responsible for ensuring both languages are interpreted correctly.

Whispered Interpretation Mode

Whispered interpretation is advisable in meetings, interviews or conferences where attendees do not know the language of the original speech. The interpreter whispers the translation into the ear of a person or a small group of listeners who do not actively participate in the meeting. Whispering interpretation is recommended for meetings, press conferences, product presentations, etc.


Our interpreters are completely confidential in the performance of their services with our customers as they uphold the highest professional standards and our Confidentiality Agreement.

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