Translation technology helps you stay one step ahead

Our own technology provides a complete platform to help us manage your translation projects in a cost effective way. This application offers high security for sending and receiving content, provides an easy way to follow the progress and monitor the spend on each project. It is also a great central source for your Translation Memory and Terminology, which saves time, reduces costs and improves consistency across all of your product and service messages. Technological innovations accelerate the translation process

These tools are designed to support the translator’s work by, for example, storing previously translated segments. Both the reference material as the material of investigation that have led to the development of software tools can accelerate the process of translation and technical advantage in terms of quality, the translator not only provide a better understanding of the specialized terminology of the industry which is directed to the translation, but also multi-functional software support, such programs have been launched in the market for multilingual services.


Translation Memory

In Translations Translate translation memories possess technical terminology, medical, legal, financial and partner groups of translators worldwide international translation memories, where thousands of members provide definitions in the translation of specific terms. At the same time, we have an electronic library with over 320 English-Spanish technical dictionaries in many areas.

Translate this way is becoming a leader in technology development, reducing costs and improving the levels of the translation industry. See here some examples of how we work with clients to improve their management in the translation process and how we streamline our own processes to result in greater efficiency on our part.

The solutions for the customizing of translation projects include

  • Bulk file conversion programs.
  • Dedicated export and import between content management systems to convert files to formats required by customer specifications.
  • Specified language service program.

Solutions for workflow and performance of translation projects allows us to

  • Regulate the performance of fixed workflows
  • Reduce the time required to manage projects
  • Retain key information and specific project files
  • Fully integrate this tools with the Translation Memory software

Translation Memory Software

  • Reduces customer costs
  • Reduces the time in translation and localization projects
  • Improves consistency of terminology

Business Management Software provides

  • Full access to customer history as well as key information through the web
  • Complete follow-up of our customer accounts
  • Business analysis tools
  • Internal company resources