About translation Methodology


TranSlate Translations combines professional translation by highly skilled translators with the last generation translation tools and resources. The result is a reliable and accurate translation delivered within the desired time frame within your budget. In order to obtain excellent translations, you need professional qualified translators using the right methods and tools. Our translators are using our tried flexible translation methodology which allows them to concentrate on what they do best – translate.

Taking in consideration the exact nature of our methodology of translation, we endeavor to maintain and ensure a comprehensive and confidential level of service to our clients is confidential information of the client company. We will here try to outline some of the cornerstones of our methodology without compromising our confidentiality obligations.


Cornerstones of TranSlate’s methodology

1-    Selection and creation of a workflow

Each project includes a series of predetermined tasks. For complex projects, we invest some time to understand the needs and challenges associated with the topic, in order to create our workflow according to the information received. Once you have agreed to the terms of the translation project and we have determined a workflow, mainly in the case of large and complex projects, we divide the tasks making it a small series of semi-automatic operations that are assigned to those members of our team that are more suitable to perform them. Our translator team will then work in the texts, always under the close supervision of the assigned Project Manager. Because we count with state-of-the-art translation tools, certain tasks can even be automated through the use of technology.

“Our focus is primarily human – we do human translations with real professionals born and educated in their native language”

2-    Technology

Of course that our approach is very human, as we believe it is the person who makes a difference in the quality of our work. Computers and software are surely very important tools, but they are human beings who understand the language intricacies and adapt them to the business needs of our customers.

However, the Translate team makes good use of existing translation technology to automate or semi-automate many of our repetitious processes. We use the technology available to us just as a tool in order to be more efficient, but do not believe in the use of technology itself to produce a correct translation. Visit our page on technology to learn more about our technological means.

3-    A team that is always at your service

The translation industry is fully globalized and this allows us to help you throughout a vast field of global activity. With members throughout the world TranSlate is quickly becoming a business ready to do business 24 hours a day. That means that your translation projects will continue to be completed and followed through even while you rest.

Once the translation process is completed, we will deliver the final document duly translates, revised and corrected and the originals by any of the formats that may be convenient to you, the format that best adapts to your communication means.

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint formats
  • Adobe PDF format
  • Adobe PSD format
  • HTML, XML, ASP, TXT formats
  • CD or DVD recorded
  • USB Memory card
  • E-mail delivery
  • Printed format
  • Delivery by mail or carrier

Should you have any questions or require any help regarding how we can ensure that your translation or interpretation project is a success without incurring excessive costs, please contact us directly to arrange a conference.