Why Localization and Translation Are Important?

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There are many reasons why localization and translation are important for your business.  Of those reasons four of them really stand out why you should consider translation services to help with your business’ localization efforts.  They are giving you a competitive edge, helping expand your market, build up and strengthen your business’ image, as well as help reduce potential liabilities that may come up.

The Competitive Edge

Providing Localization services will help give you an edge over your competitors.  After all if you are offering your services in several different languages while your competitor is only offering their services in one language you will have the edge.  You will have the ability to answer customers in their own language making it easier for them to interact with you.

Being that the internet has essentially made the world a lot smaller by allowing people from different parts of the world to interact together it is of great importance to communicate globally.  With the ability to localize your content you further expand your market on the internet by being able to communicate effectively with customers.

Expanding Your Market

When you begin to localize what you have to offer your market automatically expands.  You are able to communicate with customers who don’t speak your native language by using a language they are comfortable using.  Providing services in a customer’s language will put them at ease and help answer questions they may not know how to ask in your native language.  Making a customer more comfortable and giving peace of mind by being able to serve them in a language they understand will generally lead to them spreading the word about your services.With our email and chat translators you will be able to receive questions customers might have in your language while answering them in their language.  This will truly help you bridge the language barrier that may exist, helping further expand your company and bring it to the next level in your market.

Strengthen Your Image

Simply put while having a great product/service will give you a great image, being able to provide localized support to your customers will give you an even greater image.  Giving a potential customer the peace of mind that they will be able to interact with you in their language will help strengthen your image in that specific location.  On top of that it will leave a better impression on customers who may not need localized support, knowing you have taken the time to go that extra step when it comes to customer support gives them the impression you truly care about your customers.  Giving off that impression combined with peace of mind are just two ways localization further helps strengthen your image.

Reduced Potential Liability

Localizing your products/services and providing localized support are required in many countries around the world.  Not only that but making sure you localize your products/services can help reduce issues that may arise in a given location when it comes to infringement and copyrights.  The last thing you want to do is risk getting on the bad side of a given government or lose your rights to your products/services because of potential loop holes due to not being localized.

Does anyone else have any opinions or thoughts on the importance of having localized content, products, and/or services?  Feel free to post your comments, questions, or opinions.

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  1. Translation Services  August 26, 2011

    Hi i agreed to your point of view about the importance of localizing the website . By doing this not only the website but also the customers will get benefited as they can interact with the website. especially for the e-commerce website where the people from all around the world can interact in their local language. but still there is a lot of differences in translation using tools and human translation…

  2. Website translation Services  November 14, 2011

    Hi i just read your article and i really find it interesting. In the era of internet where there is a high competition every website tires to be globally accessed by all the consumers around the world. Translating website is one of the important way to expand the customer base. as the customer will find the website easy to understand in their regional language and also can interact with it.

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