We are a Group of expert translators, dedicated to a human, sit-down, old fashion passion for translating. Our Spanish translation team is comprised of many expert and experienced Spanish translators. Each translator specializes in a different field such as legal, financial, medical, and more.

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All our translators are verified interpreters, experienced in the art of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. When it comes to language interpretation services and Spanish interpreting, our localized interpreters will deliver your message with the same culture background as your audience.

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We provide a wide variety of transcription services at some of the lowest and easiest to estimate prices around. We offer video transcription services to TV networks and video producers, audio transcription for both digital and non-digital media, interview and meetings transcription for a variety of firms.

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Business Services

Along with our Spanish translation operation, we have teams of experts in IT technology, business and marketing consultants with a flare for Spanish localization when you need localizing of your business presence into the Hispanic market, with presentations, brochures  and software.

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We are a professional Group of Latin-American linguists and consultants, spanning throughout all three americas

If you are looking for Spanish translation or translators from Spanish to English, you came to the right place. We have experienced native translators and interpreters based in the United States, Panama and Uruguay, specialized in the idiomatic differences and native Latinamerican vocabulary. That makes us experts in Localization

We translate English to Spanish and provide English translation of projects written in the Spanish language in many types of document translation of technical, scientific, medical, legal or financial nature and in many forms:

  • Translation of technical documents, legal contracts and financial reports
  • Translation and localization of software and websites, with SEO support.
  • Translation and design of technical brochures, owner manuals and tourist guides
  • Consecutive and relay interpretation for business meetings, classes and seminars

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Feedback from some of our Clients:

  • “I very much appreciated your work as a translator during our interviews. Your English is very natural and conversational in tone with lots of idiomatic phrases. Thanks too for your willingness to meet with us beforehand to do pre-production planning and to be flexible with your schedule. This allowed us to make the most of our visit.”–CBH Video Productions

  • “I also very much appreciated your ability and willingness to help translate all our communication with the Lions and others we met along the way. Your tone of leadership and authority helped… and allowed you to translate cultural experiences for us from the mindset of an American. This is a very valuable gift to have because you understood how we might perceive things and what attitudes we encountered might have been culturally unique to South America.” –Lions Club International

  • “I’d like to say that we are very pleased with TranSlate Translations in terms of the quality of the translations and turn-around. In particular, I was very pleased with the comments from one translator from Uruguay who pointed out inconsistencies in the original article. This is more service than I ever expected we’d get!”–Hilton, Inc.

  • “I just finished working with a TranSlate interpreter regarding our upcoming technicians’ seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was SUPERB. We use your service all the time and all your agents are excellent, but he REALLY did a great job and I want to make you aware. Thank you!”–Marangoni Group